Why Attend?

No matter what our level of seniority, most of us have to justify the cost and time of attending industry events.

Often the people you report to do not fully understand the importance of the benefits received by conference attendees. That is why we designed the Benefits of Attendance and ROI tool which helps you provide strong rationale to build the business case for attending the upcoming 2020 Stand Up for Trucking in Washington, DC.

Key factors:

  • Understanding Motivations: How your Manager is Likely to Make a Decision about Your Attendance
    • There are clearly defined benefits to attendance (ROI)
    • The investment is reasonable
    • The time out of the office is well spent
  • Understanding the Benefits That Impress
    • Session content
    • To ensure you avoid mistakes
    • To help you do even more with what you already have
    • Best practices
    • Training
    • Hill Meetings
  • Quantifying the Benefits
  • Justifying the Investment
    • Calculating the Actual Investment
  • Time well spent
    • This meeting is real work!
    • Advance preparation and goal setting
    • Learning that benefits you and your peers
  • Implement, Implement, Implement

We hope you find this information useful.

Download the Benefits of Attendance and ROI Tool Today!